July 25, 1984
Shit talker.
About Me: 
OH, my favorite topic, ME!!! How exciting, (and how much do you want to punch me in the face right now? Though I promise you that my ego is
More About Me: 
as big as a Jewish man's schneckle.) Anyway, to kill the topic of small appendages as an analogy to my massively midget-sized ego, I'll be serious for a moment and go on to say that for the last three years I've been a contributing writer for AMP Magazine which specializes in Indie, Punk, and Rock in general, as well as their red-headed step-child of a Metal Magazine, Hails and Horns. I've interviewed a lot of key people in the music world and will continue to venture on as a music journalist until I reach a status where my writing can actually buy me a candy bar. Until then, I'm just angry, young, and poor with a penchant for anything worthy of my musical appetite. (I promise you my ego's small, I promise.)
Driving across country on a Greyhound bus, walking around major cities till 4 am, listening to Morrissey & little Lou-Who Reed albums, digging through mass quantities of new and used records as well as discovering used CD gems here and there, journaling, collaging, scrap booking, thrift shopping, lounge acting, and music listening. Did I mention shit talking already? Hmm.

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